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NightPelt // Male // Tough, Sleek, Sneeky, Eyes Can Make You Do Almost Everything // Parents : Died In A Fire // Siblings : None // Played By Me

Hipster Alpaca- Dude!  needs to show "the donald" how it's done RIGHT!!! eat your heart out, trump!!!

Llama Hipster alpaca- I saw these on my route in the country and fell in love with them

Halloween Kostüme für Haustiere

Funny pictures about Still a better Vampire. Oh, and cool pics about Still a better Vampire. Also, Still a better Vampire.


There is so much emotion found on the cats face by the big eyes that are illuminating. I love the reflection in the cats eyes and also how the cat looks terrified. The artist did a good job in illustrating the hair on the cats body.

~~Watching ~ reflective Squirrel by Paul Keates~~                                                                                                                                                     More                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Squirrel by Paul Keates.This little squirrel looks like those Ive seen in Europe. The tufted ears aren't seen on US squirrels.well, Ive not seen any.