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Solfeggio Frequency 639 Hz Pure Tone - Heart Chakra - Re-connecting & Relationships

solfeggio frekvence

The conspiracy surrounding the Solfeggio Frequencies & 528 Hz strikes at the very core of Western music. What do they do and why suppress them?

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Giant Crop Formation showing Melatonin How meditation boosts melatonin production Melatonin is a hormone manufactured in the brain by the pineal.

gama binaural IQ - YouTube

Gamma Brain Waves have long been considered the brain’s information and sensory-binding brainwave – or the brainwave that is able to link and process informa.

mozek velky

Left and right brain functions. You can control your brain functions through your breath through swar yoga.

Missing You [SJE Records] by Northstar11 on SoundCloud

Stream Missing You [SJE Records] by from desktop or your mobile device

Spiritual Planet

Spiritual Planet

Koshon Jones - jaguar animal wallpaper hd backgrounds images - 1920 x 1277 px