Children's book illustration by the Czech artist Josef Lada.

Josef Lada Josef Lada Hrusice - Prague) was a Czech painter, illustrator and writer.Illustration from the book, Russian fables.

Prague, My Love: Happy Birthday, Josef Lada!

A Czech Christmas wouldn't be complete without Josef Lada's simply drawn carolers, snow-covered villages and nativity scenes. Josef Lada w.

Winter Wonderlands by Josef Lada

Most of Josef Lada's holiday themed artworks depict charming Czech villages in the midst of winter, snowcapped and calm. Characterized by pastel cottages, Czech villagers, and small smoking chimneys, these works evoke a feeling of warmth and nostalgia.

Josef Lada. A Czech Christmas:

The most typical Czech Christmas and winter themes painted by the Czech painter…

Josef Lada

The Seasons Come, The Seasons Go - 50 Watts. Illustration by Josef Lada.

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