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photography - Auguste-Rosalie Bisson Auguste-Rosalie Bisson (1826–1900) was a French photographer, active from 1841 to the year of his death, 1900. He was born and died in Paris and was the son of the heraldic painter, Louis-François Bisson and the brother of Louis-Auguste Bisson. He was the first person to take pictures from the summit of Mont Blanc, in the summer of 1861. While making this expedition, he took 25 porters to carry his equipment.
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1862 Auguste Rosalie Bisson The Ascent of Mont Blanc

AUGUSTE-ROSALIE BISSON | Jeune Auguste Rosalie Bisson - Exposition Universelle De Paris

AUGUSTE-ROSALIE BISSON | Magic Mists by Doug Bisson Port Franks, Ontario, Canada

Best Photography of All Time: Chronological I – 1826-1945

The Ascent of Mont Blanc (1862) – Auguste Rosalie Bisson.

Auguste-Rosalie Bisson - Philaé, Temple Hypèthre, 1869 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

AUGUSTE-ROSALIE BISSON | Auguste-Rosalie Bisson(1826-1900) La crevasse, Savoie, c.1860. Tirage ...

Auguste-Rosalie Bisson - Philaé, Great Temple, 1869


Auguste-Rosalie Bisson, The Ascent of Mont Blanc, 1861