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carrix - your partner for trekking

Carrix has been designed and shaped specifically to carry your bag on your bush or track walk.Lightness, strength and reliability are the criteria for this unique and simple concept.

Download Manuals : FAQs Monowalker Fatmate

Kai Fuchs is raising funds for Monowalker Fatmate: The Ultimate Hiking Trailer on Kickstarter! Monowalker Fatmate: The Ultimate Hiking Trailer to Carry All of Your Gear Anywhere!

Travoy Bike Commuter Trailer

Safe, hassle-free way to haul and transport almost anything, from a week’s worth of groceries, a change of clothes for the office or up to 60 lb. of cargo.

Hiking trailer - Erämaailma

Hiking trailer is a functional utility while moving on terrain by foot with carriage. You can place all your stuff on Hiking trailer.

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diy hiking trailer - Maybe a solution for those with neck problems that can't carry a backpack. At least on fairly flat trails.


The Dixon Rollerpack is ideal when carrying heavier loads for hunting . Bike Trailer Cargo Bug Out Hunting Backpack