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Buzz Lightyear by Dan Luvisi

To infinity, and beyond real life . Dan Luvisi reimagined Buzz Lightyear as a real character in his series Popped Culture. Buzz looks like he belonged in Gears of War! Link - via The Fox is Black.

100 Vehicles of Star Wars - Imgur

Here is a very simple overview of 100 essential Star Wars vehicles, for those who don’t have any midi-chlorians in their cells.

Showcase of Incredible Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fan Art - Kylo Ren & The Millenium Falcon As the most anticipated movie of the moment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been the subject of many personal works as creative people find ways to channel their new found inspiration into fun side projects. These talented designers and illustrators loved the movie so much they used their creative skills to produce their own alternative movie posters and tribute art.

Alternative movie posters and fan art for Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens. We're only about a week away from Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens and there