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PipeMaster Welding Templates
an image of a metal object on a white background
Heavy Duty Bolt-On Hinge, 7", Stainless Steel
Heavy Duty Bolt-On Hinge, Stainless Steel
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Vice stand base all welded up.
an image of different types of waves in the ocean with text below it that reads, diagram 7 example of good and bad mjg wets
MIG Welding Tips and Techniques for Beginners
Miller - The Garage Guy’s Guide To Welding: Mastering MIG
some diagrams showing different types of materials and their functions in the construction of an object
Welding Symbols: Basics & Meanings Explained
weld symbols:
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Coping Steel Corners - - How-To's
The cope joint is a good alternative to mitering metal pieces if you do not have a dead-on accurate miter saw. Coping the joint can be quicker and just as strong.
two metal pipes are sitting on top of a workbench
This is how the corners work with the double miter. Glue two together, and the…