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an image of someone holding their hand in the air with words above it that read, jeden nejkrasnejsch poctu na svyete je
an image of the sky with stars in it and a quote written below that reads, je jeono jeena cesta za steisma prestim to prestat sa prestat se present se trapat se trati nad
Humour, Beautiful Fantasy Art, Good Morning, Humor
Važ si toho, co máš.... než tě čas naučí vážit si toho, co jsi měl!!!!
Caught Cheating, Text Message, Diy And Crafts
a woman sitting on top of a tiled floor next to a white wall with words above her
two hands in the shape of a heart with an orange sky and water behind them
two girls hugging each other in front of a tv with the caption pray chap je ten, kriy sa meenazna