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a woman is making a heart shaped object out of rope and leather cord with her hands
Twig Heart Tutorial
an image of christmas ornaments hanging from a tree
Новогодние вытынанки | Интересный контент в группе Профессия - Педагог
This is an amazing site. SO MANY cool things. It's in Russian so hit the translate button. The the stencils came from this site - lots of others as well!
four pictures showing how to make a macrame bracelet with rope and leather cord
Why You Should Write a Tutorial to Get Major Press
a pine cone wreath hanging on the front door
How to Create a Perfect Pinecone Wreath with Easy Tips
Pinecone wreath (scented pinecones can be bought or pinecones can be gotten from outside pinecones can also be painted)
a bunch of green grass sitting on top of a wooden table next to some scissors
Korn und Kranz
INSPIRATION: Winter Wheat wreath