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The 25 Most Unimaginable Medieval Torture Devices!

The Spanish Donkey- The naked victim was placed upon a sharp wedge in the same position as someone riding a donkey, they then had weights applied around their feet. The torturer would add more wights until the victim was split in half by the wedge.

The Runes Cipher - Escape Room Puzzle and Prop

The Runes Cipher is a perfect fit for Escape Room's with a Norse, Celtic, Mythological, or historical based theme. It incorporates Rune Symbols on the top wheel to encode your message. The Cipher meas

Creative Escape Room ideas/resources

Add something unique to your Escape Room experience. The Alberti Cipher Disk is the first example of a true “polyalphabetic” cipher device using two dissimilar

Directional Lock Combo Puzzle

Make changing and customizing your Directional Lock Combo Puzzle Escape Room Prop easy as can be with this extra set of pieces. These can be used as back up to your main combination as well. We all kn