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Boeing/Embraer/McDonnell Douglas

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The Boeing 7M7 - The Proposed Future Boeing Aircraft To Replace The 737 MAX and 797 | Never Built - YouTube
Flying over New York City

Future Concepts

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Future Concepts - SST

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Almost two years after the rollout of the 707 prototype at Renton Field, Boeing placed adverts in Aviation Week & Space Technology promoting the flight characteristics of the airplane. "Seattle to Washington, D.C., and return - in 8 hours, 6 minutes!"


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An unmanned tanker aircraft has successfully refueled a US Navy carrier-based fighter jet for the first time, the Navy announced Monday. A Boeing MQ-25 Stingray test drone refueled an F/A-18 Super Hornet on Friday near MidAmerica Airport in Mascoutah, Illinois, demonstrating that the new unmanned aircraft "can fulfill its tanker mission," the Navy said.


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Boeing History

Museum of Flight/Centennial Celebrations

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Boeing Aircraft

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United Airlines 747-400
Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-451 N674US

Tails & Winglets

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One of the earliest luggage labels we have in our collection is one that was issued by Boeing Air Transport featuring a Boeing 80 airliner from circa 1928. Boeing Air Transport was a predecessor to United Airlines and flew the routes Chicago, Omaha, Cheyenne, Salt Lake City, Oakland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle.
Boeing Model 80, Expo 86, Vancouver BC

Early Days - [1916 - 1930s]

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Levi on Instagram: "Starting the 70 year old engines on the DC6 #dc6 #radialengine #vintage #propliner #history #pilotlife #airplane #pilot #cargo #alaska #alaskalife #bigplane #planespotting #planeporn #soundup #douglas #aircraft #flyalaska"

Early Days - Douglas [1933-1953]

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boing 314 | Historical Photo: Boeing Model 314 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
The Boeing 314 was the largest airliner of its day. The cabin was nearly as wide as that of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet, introduced 30 years later. Still, it could carry only about 25 passengers on the long California-Hawaii hop.

Early Days - 314 Clipper Flying Boat-[1938-1948]

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Taken at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center - Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum at Washington Dulles International Airport.
Chicago Municipal Airport - TWA - Boeing 307 | (c.1940) In 1… | Flickr

Early Days - 307 Stratoliner - [1938-1940]

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Inside a 1947 Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, the “Largest and Fastest Aircraft in Commercial Service” ~ Vintage Everyday
1947 ... Boeing 377 Stratocruiser! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

377 Stratocruiser - [1947-1950]

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367-80 (Dash 80) - [1954-1970]

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707/720 - [1956-1978]

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707/720 - prototype/production

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N3159 Western Airlines | Boeing 720-047B holding for RWY 28L… | Flickr
Eastern Air Lines, Boeing 720

707/720 - USA

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Lufthansa Group on Instagram: "It is time for some major throwback🌟. Back in the 1960's these engines were seen on our B720 D-ABOH "Köln". Do you know until when we had this aircraft in the fleet? ✈️ Take a guess in the comments. • • • #WeAreLufthansaGroup #aviation #aircraft #lufthansa #instagramaviation #airplane #flying #aviationgeek #pilot #aviationphotography #avgeek #airport #planes #airportlife #fly #aviationdaily #boeing"
Boeing-707-430 LH, 17.3.1960 ~ First Transatlantic Non-Stop Flight ~ Lufthansa would ultimately operate 23 707 jetliners.
March 1978 During the 1970s numerous member based groups formed their own aircraft based "tour" airlines to cater to their membership. The cost of operating and maintaining an aircraft was typically very expensive and many of the groups would lease out the aircraft for various military or public charters. Indy Air, based in Indianapolis, Indiana was one such member based flying club which purchased a Convair 880 to fly members to various destinations in North America and Europe. As with many ...

707/720 - International

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My own shot [shown] taken at LAX in 1961 is rare, in that it illustrates the aircraft before it was converted to series 51 standard and wearing the first livery scheme adopted for the DC-8s.  Note "DC-8 Jetliner" on [tail] fin.--Ed Coates

Douglas DC-8 - [1958-1972]

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Boeing 727-22 N7001U during its first flight, 9 February 1963. (Airline Reporter/Boeing)
9 February 1963 | This Day in Aviation
Wallick, Samuel Lewis, Jr., is congratualted by a Boeing executive, with flight crew Richards Llewellyn Loesch, Jr., and Marvink Keith Shulenberger. The prototype Boeing 727-22, N7001U, is in the background. (Airline Reporter/Boeing)

727 - [1962-1984] concept/prototype/production

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727 - USA

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Air Vietnam 727-121C XV-NJB ex PanAm N388PA "Clipper Ganges" at DAD DaNang South-Vietnam ca. 1968-69 - later to Taiwan-Air Force Quelle: Flickr.com
Mid-air collision: Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 1103 & Libyan MiG-23 (1992). Collided over Tripoli, Libya. Deaths 157 (all on Flight 1103).

727 - International

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UDF (UnDucted Fan) demonstrator. Stripped for spares at Mojave in 1989, the hulk of this aircraft was later used in the movie "Hero" in a fictional Midwestern Airlines c/s. - Photo taken at Mojave (MHV) in California, USA in November, 1986.
Boeing 727 jetliners parked at Mojave Airport in the California desert awaiting their final fate
Acres of civilian airliners in storage, awaiting their fate, 2013.

727 - boneyards/scrap

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United 727-100 Cabin
A Boeing 727 that sailed Lake Michigan and crossed Lake Shore Drive to land inside MSI.

727- United N7001U & N7017U

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bruce campbells home in oregon
imiging: “ Photograph by mslovejoy mslovejoy.com ”
It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s My Home! - Insect-proof, fireproof, and able to withstand 575 mph winds, this Boeing 727 features more than 1,000 square feet of living area, and there are plenty of storage solutions in the cargo hold and in the overhead compartments. The jet body cost about $ 100,000 (without engines). Moving the decommissioned jet to its final resting place and outfitting it for living cost another $ 100,000.

727 - Preservation/Reuse

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