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医学微直播的照片 - 微相册

Diseases of the Lung anatomy poster anatomy poster shows prominent diseased lung with 8 close-up illustrations of specific diseases. Pulmonary chart for doctors, nurses and students.


Hyperthyroidism also called as overactive thyroid occurs when the thyroid gland makes excess thyroxine hormone. View infographic on hyperthyroidism.

Endocrine System Chart

Hatha yoga is about stimulating your endocrine system with you chakras to balance your body and mind. Postures massage and stimulate the endocrine glands, and look how important they are.

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reina-de-tazas: “ Finally done! Based off a chart that I created for my own reference a while ago; I’ve shared this with a number of folks who found it helpful, so I decided to turn it into a kind of infographic. The more I read about the thyroid,.

Three stages of Huntington's disease

Huntington's disease is a debilitating cognitive disorder with no cure. But research shows supplementation and other treatments may help reverse HD.

Even artichokes have hearts., Stroke - CVA - Signs & Symptoms o   Headache o  ...

Stroke - CVA - Signs & Symptoms o Headache o Mental Status Changes § Confusion § Disorientation § Memory Impairment o Aphasia § CVA left hemisphere o Respiratory problems § (↓ neuromuscular control o.

Parkinsons Disease

this is very common and very sad to watch the stages.COM specializes in exam preparations for NBCOT and NPTE with our live online webinars.

Immense Immunology Insight: Get to immu-know the cells

Amazing site with awesome immune cell break down