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Mrs. Pudliková
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Desirable Interior Design Ideas from the Experts: Amazing Studio Room Living Room Designed By Emily Henderson With Pink Soft Chairs Green Sofa And Colorful Rug Carpet ~ FreeSharing Interior Inspiration


I love the innovation of a cozy loft space. Take a look at our favorite attic lofts for inspiration on your next renovation!


This bright yellow window-frame provides such a vibrant pop of colour, the whole room will feel put together and complete! This would go especially nicely in a simple, all white room with a few other matching yellow accents-stunning!

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Floating in the middle of the room AND hanging from the ceiling And beams arrowing (cutting) through the bed And the head is facing out the door.

This carefully selected tree branch will make any home look more rustic when placed above a kitchen table. Once you find the perfect branch, hang it with strong electric wires and a few lightbulbs to create a cozy atmosphere.