This is so cool

I wonder if i rode this around how many people would do a double look, pretty awesome right?TBH if I rode this thing, I'd misjudge where the board was and fall face first.

There's nothing like skateboarding.feeling the wind on your face, the rush of the streets passing you by, feeling free, feeling alive


--- Cool tall teen skater boy in total sick Nikes SBs - kick flippin' super high - Awesome!

Longboard & Girls

Just got back from the doctor, and I fractured my foot :( I was practicing my slides on my longboard and someone came speeding through an intersection and I hit the curb and went flying :( gahhhhh

never too late to skate, JJ:)

22 Things Your Grandparents Do Better Than You

Don’t take life so seriously. It’s not like you are going to get out alive.