Pet Care Tips

Learn how to clips your dog's nails, how to make homemade dog treats, what to do if your dog eats chocolate, and much more with these handy Pet Care Tips.
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there are many trees that have leaves on them and the words, are focus trees safe for dogs?
Are Ficus Trees Safe for Dogs? -
Many homes and offices keep ficus trees for decoration, but is it safe or harmful for dogs to be around a ficus tree?
dog nail trimming and grooming his paw with a pair of pliers on it
Dog Nail Trim vs. Grind -
Overgrown nails can be a problem since splits and breakage can occur, causing your dog pain. But which is better, trimming or grinding?
the 6 best dog nail clippers for black nails
The 6 Best Dog Nail Clippers for Black Nails -
Dogs with darker nails can be harder to trim which can lead to nail bleeding. Here are the 6 best dog nail clippers for black nails.
a cat and dog are eating out of a food dish with the caption help my dog ate cat food
Help! My Dog Ate Cat Food -
Fortunately, it isn’t a medical emergency if your dog ate cat food occasionally. However should your dog make this a habit, it could cause some problems.
a puppy sitting on top of a wooden floor with the words how to successfully crate train a puppy
How to Successfully Crate Train a Puppy? -
Crate training creates a safe space for your puppy that teaches him responsibility and independence. Here is how to successfully crate train your puppy.
a dog jumping up while being held by someone's legs with the caption how to stop a dog from jumping up when walking
How to Stop a Dog from Jumping Up When Walking? -
Jumping up can be cute when dogs are playing, but it is not cute when you are trying to walk them. Here is how to stop a dog from jumping up when walking.
a small dog with the words best senior dog food for small breeds on it's side
Best Senior Dog Food for Small Breeds -
Buying senior dog food for your small breed dog can be a challenge. Here are some of the best senior dog foods for small breeds.
white rice in a bowl with the words is white rice good for dogs? on it - Dog Lovers Writing for Dog Lovers!
Can dogs be allergic to white rice? How much rice should I feed my dog? Check out our post "Is white rice good for dogs?" to learn more.
a white pen sitting on top of a wooden table
How to Trim Severely Overgrown Dog Nails -
Dog Nail Care- How to use a styptic pencil on a dog #dogs #dogemergency #doghealth #dognailcare #dogcare #petcare #pets
a dog getting his hair cut by a person with a pair of scissors in it's mouth
6 Easy Tricks to Cut Dog Nails -
Pet Care Tips - 5 Tricks to Cutting Dog’s Nails – DIY Dog Nail Clipping the EASY Way. Which Nail Clippers are Best for Dogs?
a puppy being examined by a veterinator with the words puppy nail clipping how is it different?
6 Easy Tricks to Cut Dog Nails -
Pet Care Tips- Dog and Puppy Nail Care - Puppy Nail Clipping – How Is it Different?
a cat looking up with the words 7 easy ways to pet proof your home for christmas
7 Easy Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home for Christmas - Pets are Fur Life
Keeping your pets safe during the holiday season is important. Here are 7 easy ways that you can pet proof your home for Christmas. Cat Safety Tips and Tricks, Dog Advice, Pet Blog, Pet Blogger, Christmas Tips and Tricks, Cat and Dog Health Information #christmastips #holidaytips #petproofing #petsafety #catsafety #dogsafety #petblog #petblogger #petowner
a white and brown dog laying on top of a rug
Dog Flu - Warning Signs and What to Do - Furever Haus
Canine Influenza or more commonly called the dog flu has been rapidly spreading across the country. Most cases are on the east coast but the virus is now appearing in western states as well. The dog flu although rarely fatal can cause additional health risks to your dog, if left untreated.
a dog with a sign that says how to potty train your new puppy
Dog Mental Exercise - 5 Brain Exercises for a Well Behaved Pup - Lisa Gallegos - CPDT-KA
Dog Mental Exercise - 5 Brain Exercises for a Well Behaved Pup - Lisa Gallegos - DIY Dog Training, Products and nutrition
a pink post - it with the words pet care tips written on it in black ink
Pet Care Tips
Pet Care Tips