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the sun is setting over an open field with hay bales in the foreground
Good Morning
a green field with trees in the background
Meadows of Summer
a brown dog standing on top of a rock next to a body of muddy water
three buckets filled with colored powder sitting on top of a cement floor next to flowers
Colour Brust
a pink ball of yarn sitting on the ground
Kite Festival
a group of people sitting on top of a blanket
Secular Festive Vibes
people are standing in front of flowers and letters that spell out the word love on display
Ahmedabad Flower Show 2023
a woman sitting on the ground with flowers in her hand
Flower Show
Moment at flowershow @ Ahmedabad !
a group of sheep being groomed by people on the side of a road in india
Heritage Sunday Agora
Photo of Sunday Agora - running since past 600 years and more on bank of Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, India.
two men sitting on the ledges of an old building
Pushkar Juxta
Spiritual v/s Religious
the underside of an orange and white structure
Arches Over Sabarmati River Bridge Editorial Photo - Image of canopy, gujarat: 258507351
a woman is throwing a blue frisbee in front of many clay pots on the ground
Day 258 / Pottery
Kid playing at pottery community village.
Its called that old Ahmedabad city resembles architecture of France or Erpe. Architecture, Europe, Structures, Temple, Alley, Road
Heritage Walk - Ahmedabad
Its called that old Ahmedabad city resembles architecture of France or Europe. This is Swaminaranyan Temple almost 150 + years old. Day 256