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How much sugar are you consuming?

4,100 points • 170 comments - How much sugar are you consuming? - IWSMT has amazing images, videos and anectodes to waste your time on

DIY Handmade Doctor Play Kit (tutorial). GREAT kids gift!

I love a handmade holiday. The gifts are so memorable and your kids know you really thought about them while you labored over a great gif...

Interactive Organ Game ~ simple computer game. Find organ systems, drag, and drop.

Usborne Publishing

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Xray cards printable for doctor play and learning

What I have been doing lately

I recently found a great link, which was about someone who had made xray cards for their child. That link is now "broken" and it was a great shame as it was a fantastic idea. So.... I made my own. They can all be found here

great senses ideas... The art of teaching Kindergarten Blog

The Art of Teaching: A Kindergarten Blog

OK! OK! I know I need to apolgoize for being absent for the past two months! It's been quite the adjustment moving to Shanghai, China, learning a new school curriculum, working on learning Chinese, and just adjusting to a new life. But I feel like I am finally ready to start blogging again and add all of the fun things I've been doing with my kids over the past two months! First, let me introduce you to my kids: This picture was taken after our Family Sports Day this past Saturday! Aren't…

If I had been a fan of Redbull or Mountain Dew before this, I'd be OUT now.

Rethink Your Drink - PositiveMed

This picture compares the sugar contents of different drinks. The best and healthiest drink among all drinks is water. If you like to have some taste, why not add a tiny slice of lemon or other fruits to that? How about this refreshing drink? It’s so easy-to-prepare and you only need fresh fruits, […]

varias pirámides alimenticias

Dibujos para Colorear de Rueda y Piramide Alimenticia

Estar sano no significa simplemente no estar enfermo. Podemos hacer mucho para ayudar a nuestro cuerpo a estar fuerte, saludable y con toda la energía que necesitamos para disfrutar de nuestra vida. ✿ Pirámide alimenticia y Rueda de alimentos lista para imprimir; con la cual enseñar a tus alumnos una alimentación equilibrada. Ah, y que no se te olvide que si quieres ver las imágenes en grande, haz clic sobre ellas. ✿ Más Pirámides para imprimir y colorear. ✿ Rueda de los alimentos listos…

Human body unit

Science Poems For Childre - Activities for the kids - Teachers plans, poems, worksheets & activities for kids

Science Poems For Children, Activities for the kids. Page for year children for free worksheets, plans, poems, documents & presentations for parents and teachers to work with their children.