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50+ awesome space activities for kids to learn about the planets, the sun, the moon, stars, constellations, astronauts, space travel and more! || Gift of Curiosity

awesome space activities for kids - Gift of Curiosity Activities related to the planets and solar system Puffy paint solar system .

Space packs made from spray painted pop bottles and red solo cups. b e h i n d t h e m o o n: Space-Themed birthday party

Jet pack made from 2 liter pop bottles. Could be used for superhero costume or craft or giveaway at superhero party. The kids got these at a VBS this summer.great little accessory. I wonder how hard it is to make a bunch for all the party attendees?

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Day and Night

Day and Night activity

Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: Squishy Art

Karens Preschool Ideas: Weather Week Cool sun project for art

Sistema Solar Giratorio

Sistema Solar Giratorio

Warm Sun/Cool Moon - Year 1/2

Warm Sun/Cool Moon - Year 1/2

Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: Greatest Art Project EVER!  (papa please get the moon for me)

Child does painting, adding, stars and sticks. Teacher takes picture of each student separately while they are reaching for a piece of tape on wall. Cut out picture attach to painting. Entitled Reaching for the Stars.

20 Crafts to Build the Night Sky || Creative Challenge Results | Adventure in a Box

Space Theme - Night Sky DIY Crafts: Moon, Planets of the Solar System, Galaxies and Distant Stars for Toddlers and Children

Sublime Space Unit - soooooo many amazing ideas here!

So over the last 3 weeks my grade 1 students in the UAE have been learning a lot about space, the solar system, and astronauts. - -