Prokop Černoušek

Prokop Černoušek

Prokop Černoušek
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and both of his apprentices I might add

and the 51 rangers as well as the apprentices and just as important Horace and skaindians, Hal and the Herons as well bc Gilan is their friend, plus ties in Arrida, Nijoh and Celtica. Just give up Loki save a little face.

return-to-avalon:  (via Ailim - Öppna sinnen)

return-to-avalon: (via Ailim - Öppna sinnen) Cade- I can totally see him doing this and whispering something to his horse after a hard days ride

hidden belt buckle Knife. Now i would use that!

The Belt Buckle Knife is a quick way to hide your weapon. It's disguised as a belt buckle. Simply pull it out and engage in a knife fight, or protect yourself.