Fun learning idea (paint in a bag is good for drawing and practicing letters).

Paint Bag Writing Tablet - Put some finger paint or tempera paint into a sturdy freezer ziploc bag. Seal it well and smoosh the paint around the entire bag. Children can practice writing letters or sight words.

fabulous roadtrip binders full of fun activities to give kids something to do in the car

Road Trip Binder for Kids.fabulous roadtrip binders full of fun activities to give kids something to do in the car

Jack O'Lantern Addition/Subtraction Sorting - could use any container for other holidays as well

Jack O’Lantern Addition/Subtraction Sorting

I could totally do this with money-- dollars on a pumpkin then popsicle sticks with bills and coins that add up to the amount. Addition/subtraction sorting - child needs to determine which sticks add up to the number on the bucket.

Story stones.  Create stories using common pics/icons on stones.

story stones @ red bird crafts I should modify this for teaching about Creation in Sunday School.

Vocab Sticks. . .such a great idea!

sight word stick activities crystal light containers and craft sticks from joanns dont forget coupon avery labels



Laughing Kids Learn: Reading Numbers.

Reading Numbers

Reading Numbers - Laughing Kids Learn An ingeniously simple idea to help children who are struggling with place value - numbers before, after, use for halving and doubling, place holder zeros.

Guide to PREPOSITIONS #learnenglish

This is a visual list of prepositions of place and direction commonly used in the English language. Each preposition is beautifully illustrated, which omits the need for lengthy textual definitions.