80s mega rad rainbow fun

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an image of a cartoon character holding a red flag in front of a box filled with gold coins
a pink notebook with lots of stickers on the cover and flowers in the background
Lisa Frank HTF Rare Vintage 80s Sticker Album With Stickers | Stickers, Cool stickers, Cute art
two bookmarks with different designs on them and one has an ice cream cone in the middle
Lisa Frank ice cream dream
the stickers are on display for everyone to know what they are looking at,
theBERRY’s Afternoon Randomness : theBERRY
a pink notebook with lots of stickers on the front and back cover that says i love stickers
various stickers depicting different foods and drinks
several stickers with cartoon characters on them in different colors and sizes, all depicting the same character
several different stickers on a pink and blue striped background with rainbows, unicorns, clouds, stars
an image of a duck with strawberrys on it's head and the words strawberries
Scratch N Sniff Sticker Strawberry Shortcake
three stickers with bears and rainbows on them
80s cardesign toots stickers
there are three teddy bears on the rainbow streamer wall decal in this photo
a piece of fruit with the words scratch and smell the watermelon on it
Watermelon Scratch and Sniff Sticker (1980s)