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two pieces of metal sitting next to each other on a black surface with one piece missing
Italic bronze fibulae, 8th century B.C. With an open rectangular bow and a disc catch-plate, one of them with decorated with incised squares on the catch-plate, 22 cm and 21 cm long. Private collection
two pictures with different types of objects on them, one is gold and the other has silver
a metal object with a large knife sticking out of it's center and an intricate design on the side
an old bronze head with two heads and three snakes on it's face, surrounded by other metal objects
Hallstatt Culture - - Image Search Results
Hallstatt Culture - - Yahoo Image Search Results
a metal object is on display in a glass case with an iron handle and two rings around it
Hallstatt C Swords w/ Abstract from J.D. Cowen
Hallstatt C Hat Pommel Sword
an old bronze figurine is standing on a brown surface with one hand in the air
Hallstatt culture
Bronze Age pins - Terramara S. Rosa di Poviglio Metal Art, Videos, Maya, Antique Jewelry
Villaggio grande - Terramara
Bronze Age pins - Terramara S. Rosa di Poviglio
three ancient swords are on display in a glass case
Hallstatt - Wikipedia
"Antenna hilt" Hallstatt 'D' swords, from Hallstatt
Superb and large bronze Hallstatt culture bronze fibula - 105 mm Celtic Metalwork, Bronze Age, Ancient Jewellery, Ancient Egyptian Art
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Superb and large bronze Hallstatt culture bronze fibula - 105 mm
an old green metal object sitting on top of a piece of paper
novye-dorogie-naxodki-zaryazhaemsya-udachej-03 — Postimage.org
#Hallstatt Culture #scepter b.c bronze original
a green vase with an ornate design on the top and bottom, sitting in front of a black background
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HALLSTATT CULTURE SITULA A grazing stag. Detail of the middle zone of ...
an old gold knife is laying on the table next to it's blade and handle
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HALLSTATT CULTURE ARMS AND ARMOUR 6TH BCE Antenna-dagger, handle and scabbard covered with sheet gold, gold incrustations in the iron blade. From tomb 696, Hallstatt Archaeological Site Length 29.1 cm Inv. 25810 Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria
some rocks and a green metal object on a sheet of paper
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#sceptre - #ax Eastern Europe #bronze #age 15-14 century B.C. bronze Weight 393 grams original
an old metal object is sitting on a white surface with the word's name below it
Bronze axe (palstab) with geometric design. Greek style (Verso) Duerrnberg, Austria (c) Photograph by Erich Lessing