Another way that you can bring visual interest to your walls in home design is using alternate bands of matt and glossy or shiny paint in the same color.  The play of light on your wall will give the same effect as the colored stripes but in a less obvious way.  This works very well in living room decor. - See more at:

I think gold matte/glossy striped walls in the laundry room would be lovely.

If you want to make a room look larger in home design, painting pale colors on the walls will do the trick - See more at:

Appealing Why Should I Paint My Yellow Living Room ?: Cool Yellow Living Room With A Lot Of Furniture And Decoration And The Bright Sun Also Butter Yellow Colored With Gold Tones And Red Couch Also Color Yellow Wall ~ vitmol

Horizontal stripes are used in home design to make a narrow room look wider.  Horizontal stripes tend to make the ceiling appear lower however and should only be used in rooms with a high ceiling.  If you feel that having the stripes go around the room will be too much, simply put them on one wall, preferably the wall facing you as you walk into the room. - See more at:

I like this little bedroom nook with the striped wall and curtains

When it comes to home design and decorating step outside the box when doing up your walls.  Painting your walls in bands of different color tones will add visual interest to a room and can be used to trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger that it actually is. - See more at:

Decorate with paint - 10 country-style ideas

Creating Design Connections

Purple accent wall in bedroom LOVE

Made to measure wardrobes are the ultimate in home design storage planning.  They ensure that you use all the space available and they really come in handy if you have a room with an awkward shape or a sloping ceiling.  They are literally tailor made to fit the room and you can have any combination of storage design that you desire on the inside. - See more at:

curtain tie back