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the lyv lee method for writing and using it in your home or office
The Ivy Lee Productivity Method- How to Get More Done in Less Time!
a poster with the words eat that frog on it's front and back side
21 Lessons from Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy: An Infographic
an info sheet with different types of boats
9 Popular Time Management Techniques and Tools | USAHS
a diagram that shows how to manage time and effort in an effective organization plan, with the words managing time effectively
The Only 2 Time Management Skills You Need to Succeed - Tico+Tina
Time management skills - Stephen Covey-based time management quadrant infographic and printable
12 Rules for Life Visual Book (Jordan B. Peterson)
a poster with instructions on how to eat that frog
Mental Health, Toxic People, Toxic Relationships, Narcissist, Emotional Health, Mental Health Awareness
Toxic Relationships: How to Identify Them – Cindy Athey, MS, MCAP, SAP
an info poster showing how to manage your mobile phone
12 ways to manage your phone
We check our phones on average, 85 times a day. Think you don’t use your phone that much? The same research found that people tend to use their phone twice as much as they think they do. Excessive use of mobile phones has been associated with a range of negative consequences, such as poorer concentration, reduction in stress and disrupted sleep.
a handwritten poster with some writing on it and an image of the words time to task
a white paper with black writing on it that says, how to study effectively?
Study Tips for The Signs
a notebook with some writing on it
Study ratios
a hand drawn poster with the words planning your study time and four steps to success
It's time to study harder