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Kiara Sky Only Natural - swatch by

Kiara Sky recently launched a new collection called Mirror Image that is comprised of 14 new colors! I have 7 of the colors to share with you today. Kiara Sky is a gel polish (base coat is o…

Matte finish American manicure gel polish

NO ONE here in Fayetteville, NC understands this concept. They all are way too thick, too white and too blunt-sharp square. Nothing natural-ish is understood here.

Want longer, stronger, more beautiful nails? Pink Gel Coat is a "Suit of Armor" that creates a sheer pink coating to strengthen and harden natural nails so they grow beautifully long and strong. Its keratin-rich formula includes an optical brightener that filters out any yellow appearance in your nails, bringing out the natural color in your nail bed and making the whites of your nails appear whiter.

Perfect Formulas Pink Gel Coat is a "Suit of Armor" for your nails. It creates a sheer pink protein rich coating which instantly strengthens natural nails.