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two people sitting on a couch one with a hat and the other wearing a t - shirt that says, joyce explaining why her magnets don't stick to the fridge
Joyce explaining Why her magnets Don’t stick to the Fridge: Hopper: - iFunny
a young man holding an alligator in his hands
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resim, Carol tarafından keşfedildi. We Heart It'de kendi görsellerinizi ve videolarınızı keşfedin (ve kaydedin)!
an animated image of a man with his mouth open in front of two large statues
stranger things season 4
two pictures of people cutting a cake with the caption's above them that says,
Stranger Things Memes
two pictures of a man with his mouth open and the caption says, i work at scoops ahoy'd do you work for?
Picture memes EiDaPfLr6 — iFunny
two pictures with the same caption for joyce in season 2 and what is wrong with my boy?
Picture memes znhXN3Lr6: 4 comments — iFunny
an image of someone's profile on their twitter account and the caption says, i love lucky so uhh here's my senior quote lol
100 Funny Senior Quotes That Schooled The System
the twilight saga movie scene with text that reads, i don't know what it is
two pictures with the same person laughing and one saying that they are not happy about each other
a man in a suit holding up a poster with fireworks on it and the caption reads, this will never be funny
an advertisement for a movie with the caption'strange things'in red and black
two pictures one with the caption that says, i can't believe the best duo in strange things is literally bat - man and robin
Picture memes 6eVuaAMt6: 1 comment — iFunny