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Reef Aquarium

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Soft coral/ corallimorph sump-based grow out & geothermal grid cooling grid/ heater zone: non-reef friendly fish stocking

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Large Anemone Cube: An anemone garden hosting colonies of different clown fishes and symbiotic invertebrates. Encrusting hardy soft coral/ zoas in contrasting color.

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Piscivorous Reef: LPS corals & lg. tridacnids dominant, deep water acroporids, zoas/ palys, and some photosynthetic octocorals. Gape/ suck predatory fishes. Fanworms.

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High Energy Reef: SPS corals, sm. tridacnids, euphyllids, favids, blastos, goniopora, photosynthetic gorgonians, and corallimorphs.

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Twilight Reef: Azoox octocorals and scleractinians. Some photosynthetic soft corals/ mushroom rock located high in tank to create extra shade. Non-traditional corallivore fishes.

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Rhinopias and frogfish zoanthid and macroalgae dual aquariums: divert % of SPS DT flow thru 2 sm. aquaria, pre-sump/ drain to sump

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Drop off tanks and other inspirational aquaria

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Biological Controls

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Reef Gear: Lighting

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Reef Gear: Plumbing, Sumps, and Tank Cleaners/ Accessories

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Reef Gear: Refugiums, & Macroalgae/ Phytoplankton/ Zooplankton Reactors

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Reef Gear: Protein Skimmers, Media Reactors, Mechanical Filtration, & Chillers

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Reef Gear: Aquarium Controllers, Dosing Solutions, & Tube/ Wire Management

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Reef Gear: Behind-the-Scenes Reef Equipment Rooms

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Reef Gear: Surge devices, circulation pumps, and sump pumps

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Coral and Tridacnid Aquaculture

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