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a living room with a couch and some shelves under the stair case next to a window
En images: 14 escaliers inspirants (et très pratiques) - Je vais construire
Dans des habitations de plus en plus petites où l'on cherche à optimiser le moindre espace, les différents éléments d'un escalier - qu'il s'agisse des marches, des paliers, du garde-corps ou des espaces sous ou au-dessus de l'escalier - peuvent être amenés à remplir d'autres fonctions que celle qui leur est initialement dévolue. C'est d'ailleurs de plus en plus souvent le cas.
there are many drawers on the stairs in this room
The bottom stairs slide out! Great space saving!
the stairs are made out of wood and have drawers on them
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Tiny House Living | Brevard Tiny House
the bed is made out of wooden pallets and has been placed on top of each other
Pufe de Bobina com Maxi Crochê | Cafofo 306 & Ateliê Nat Petry | Remobília com Patricia Melo
the process of building a wooden deck for an outdoor area with stone walls and windows
30+ Best Small Deck Ideas: Decorating, Remodel & Photos
Small Deck Ideas #Deck (Backyar design idesa) Tags: Small Deck Ideas on a budget, Small Deck diy, backyard ideas, deck decorating ideas Small+Deck+diy+how+to+build
a wooden bed frame sitting on top of a hard wood floor
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Gekerbte Holz Bettgestell
two pictures of wooden planters on a deck with flowers in them and the bottom photo is empty
Creative Rustic Lighting Ideas
pallet wood planter idea
two pictures of the outside of a building with wooden slats and trash cans in it
Pallet Garbage Bin Shelter • 1001 Pallets
Perfect shelter for your garbage! I had never thought of this use of pallets!
an outdoor kitchen made out of pallets with sink and cupboards on the side
Pallets Wood Mud Kitchen
Pallets Wood Mud Kitchen | 99 Pallets
the stairs are made out of wooden planks
small cottage living | Tiny Cottage | Small House Living
Just look at this adorable wood pallet installation. It has escalated and completely changed the look of this certain room with its glowing appearance. This wide spread wooden cabinet along with the stairs connecting to the upper portion is a great idea that would help the users in dual manners. by Magnum02
the inside of a wooden structure with doors and drawers
Mansarde: come sfruttare al meglio gli spazi
Mansarde: come sfruttare al meglio gli spazi
a woman sitting on top of stairs next to a washer and dryer in a room
Tận dụng khoảng trống dưới cầu thang, bồn rửa, gầm giường, hốc tường
Tận dụng khoảng trống dưới cầu thang, bồn rửa, gầm giường, hốc tường - ndcl
a man is walking up the stairs with his hand
výška domu
Výsledek obrázku pro výška domu
there are two pictures of the same room with shelves and stairs in it, one is empty
Tiny House Furniture #22: Staircase Storage, Beds & Desks
genius staircase storage by mlkkrs88