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This photo is from the facebook page of the Spanish Animal Defenders - S.A.D's "For those who work for the animals, the most feared thing is to see them in a State of extreme suffering. This is a tribute to those who are facing hell to document a hidden reality." I love the power that a photograph can have over me.

The hardest thing for those of us who love animals is to see them suffering. This is a tribute to those wonderful people who work for the animals, who film and photograph the unimaginable. I have great admiration for you!

Cute Animals on Twitter: "The wood frog has garnered attention by biologists over the last century because of its freeze tolerance."

Frozen Frogs In Alaska - During the cold winters, the Alaskan Wood Frog becomes a frog-shaped block of ice. It stops breathing, and its heart stops beating. When Spring arrives the frog thaws and returns to normal going along its merry way.