Flat iOS icons (wip) by Luboš Volkov

Flat iOS icons (wip)

Flat design is a very cool new trend. Whether it is here to stay, or it is better than skeuomorphism, that is for a different article.

Special icons (wip) by Luboš Volkov

Special icons (wip)

Office illustrations (wip) by Luboš Volkov

Office illustrations (wip)

I`m little bit sick these days, but i would like to share with you progress on the illustrations I`m working on. This part is about office vs nature :) .

Viber app (iOS) by Luboš Volkov

Viber app (iOS)

Hey guys, i really like the Viber - its new skype but. On the iOS the app is really really bad, so i had some time during the weekend so i created design for it! :) Main action should be - Messa.

How dribbble changed my life? (gif) by Luboš Volkov

How dribbble changed my life? (gif) by Luboš Volkov


Selection (wip) by Luboš Volkov


Here is something i`m workin on! :):D STAY TUNED!