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Do you have the right climbing shoes for indor wall or for your rock adventure? We offer models for beginners, intermediate and advanced climbers and we did not forget the little ones, for which we have a children's climbing shoes. You can choose slip-climbing shoes, lace-up or Velcro, newest model Skwama from La Sportiva. We have brands as La Sportiva, Ocun and Triop. Looking for other climbing equipment? Check our shop
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Climbing shoes : OCUN Crest LU


Crest means comfort. A straight last, almost no asymmetry and a comfortable heel. Lace up system means a precise and comfortable feel when climbing

Climbing shoes : OCUN Strike QC

OCUN Strike QC

Strike is a typical all-round shoe. Its slight asymmetry gives it a sports shoe character. It is suitable for those who need suffi cient performance,

Climbing shoes : OCUN Rebel QC


High performance shoes combining top performance and comfort

Climbing shoes : OCUN Rental QC

OCUN Rental QC

Rental QC is a comfortable shoe designed for long life and with accessories for use in rental shops and indoor climbing walls.

Climbing shoes : OCUN Ghost QC

- GHOST QC - is a versatile, comfortable and well-fitting climbing shoe for both the experienced and the beginner climber.

Climbing shoes : OCUN Diamond

OCUN Diamond

- DIAMOND - Offers stability on small footholds, edges and pockets…

Climbing shoes : OCUN Strike LU

OCUN Strike LU

Strike is a typical all-round shoe. Its slight asymmetry and quick lace up system for a more accurate and snug fi t give it a sports shoe‘s character.

Climbing shoes : OCUN Rebel LU


- REBEL LU - Offers comfort and the fast lacing system enables even more precise fine-tuning between performance and comfort.

Climbing shoes : OCUN Pearl LU


Pearl LU is a time-tested high-performance shoe with radical arching and slight asymmetry, fi tted with the sticky Grippin Edge sole.

Climbing shoes : OCUN Ozone QC

OCUN Ozone

Ozone – extremely asymmetric, anatomically shaped shoes – a modern gun for competitive and performance climbers. They are very precise on tiny footholds

Climbing shoes : OCUN Ozone Lady

OCUN Ozone Lady

Ozone Lady offers all the advantages of the Ozone shoes with a focus on the geometry of the female foot. - A modern gun for competitive and performance

Climbing shoes : OCUN Hero QC


The NEW Ocun Hero QC, kids climbing shoes that meet Orthopaedic requirements.

Climbing shoes : OCUN Crest QC


Climbing shoes : OCUN Crest QC