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a room with a buddha statue in the middle
A Zen-Style Meditation Room with Bamboo Accents
a large open living room with wooden floors and green cushions on the floor in front of a fireplace
a tea pot sitting on top of a stove in a room filled with wooden walls
伊豆の貸切温泉古民家 彩里 IRORI
By creating a unique hotel experience where rooms are dispersed and guests are part of the 700-people village, Nipponia Hotel hopes to revitalize a region that faces rapid depopulation. Onibus Coffee, Wall Design Home, Old Japanese House, Entrance Decoration, Home Entrance, Japanese Interior Design
A Decentralized Hotel Battling Depopulation | POJ Studio
an empty room with wooden floors and large windows
古民家リノベーション体験談115 仏間レボリューション - 古民家で暮らすためのポータルサイト クロニカ