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Industrial cleaning services, Czech Republic and Poland

Ormonde Czech & Ormonde Polska, Ormonde provides professional industrial cleaning services to its customers on both longer-term cooperation and once off projects. As part of our professional approach to industrial cleaning, we offer high-powered suction excavation, ultra high pressure, drain cleaning combi chemical cleaning technology certified to ATEX, ADR and SIR certifications.
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Industrial Facility Management Ostrava -


Our high power suction excavation, ultra high pressure technology and professionally trained staff operate to the highest of standards to ensure we provide you the highest level inclusive industrial cleaning service, including technology cleaning, heat exchanger cleaning, de-dusting, tank cleaning, including oil and gas tanks, catalyst service, biogas digester cleaning, silo cleaning, crane and crane rails cleaning, gas pipe line cleaning, underground mine industrial services

Czech Republic (Česká republika)

We provided services in the automated, chemical, petro-chemical, oil & gas, heat & power, mining, steal, timber, bio gas, water and manufacturing industries.