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Ori Jeans - The Made-To-Order Selvedge Denim Jeans

In Soho, New York at its possible to make your own designed denim. But for the lazy denim enthusiast among us there is an even easier way. Checkout the new start-up OriJeans, an online den…

Kickstarter, we're coming!

Kickstarter, we're coming!

made-to-order "HOPI" - 12.5 oz Japanese Selvedge denim

OriJeans: Selvedge Denim Jeans Made-to-Order. We produce selvedge denim jeans that are made-to-order - you design, you customize, and you fit to your body - all at a great price!

The perfectly organized men's utility bag

raggedglory: “ Man knows how to pack. Good luck and happy trails amigo! hollowsleather: “ Heading out to spend a few days someplace where the internet can’t find me. This means a short delay in.

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Polka dot socks and red laces on a brown leather shoes Cuffs are your best friend in an trendy look. They can really show off the shoe and any fun sock that you decide to wear.