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an image of some women with flowers on the bottom and words above them that read grateful for the earth below me, and the hands that hold me
Grateful for the earth below me and the hands that hold me
the water is crystal clear and there are many fish swimming around in this stream that runs through the forest
a man standing in front of a waterfall
Hiking in Medellin: A Guide to 3 Hikes Near the City - Slight North
an aerial view of a lake surrounded by trees and land with lots of water in the middle
Grandes ciudades de Colombia: Medellín
the water is very shallow in this river
10 Pueblos de Antioquia para visitar cerca a Medellín
an image of a woman with wings on her head and the words power above her
an image of two women and a cat with a butterfly on their head, the caption reads kindred spirits
Vintage Wisdom Oracle deck by Victoria Moseley