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electrictattoos: “ Marco Schmidgunst ” Make the cat Abbey, change the flowers, and add in a purple yarn ball and the words "My power is in my own hands"

Zo mooi. Ik vind het super dat ze in plaats van strakke lijnen deze tattoo een beetje schets achtig hebben gemaakt. Is weer wat anders. Ook vind ik de speelse vlakverdeling op de dieren zelf er leuk uit zien.

"When the fox hears the rabbit cry, she comes running but not to help" work in progress by tattoo artist Nomi Chi. LOVE LOVE LOVE this tat so much.

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Jewels are always connected with memories of special moments. Check this collection of Jewel Tattoo Design Ideas.

By Matt Bailey (@ baileyillustration)

"Assuming that I came here to do good was your first mistake. Believing me when I said as much will have been your last.

by MadLittleClown

SATANOPHANY [noun] an incarnation of Satan; a being possessed by a demon. the appearance of Satan on earth. Etymology: from Old English Satan, from Latin Satān, from Ancient Greek Satán, from.