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"Always liked geeks but when they look like that you cant gelp but love them" What the pinner before me said. =)

and - not to forget - Milo Tatch from Disney's Atlantis

Stargate SG-1 humor

Kids allergies increasing in the U. but I already knew that with my tween's hayfever. In kids have respiratory allergies.

Female role models - I would rather be smart than sexy (taken from SliceofSciFi.com FB page)

Female Role Models: Pop Vs Geek F*ck Barbie. I'm buying my daughter a ray-gun.

I miss #Stargate Universe #SGU

What is this Friendzone Guys Are Angry About? - News - Bubblews

This works every time on TV when you would totally lose your job or get punched out in real life.

th@ way the person u r talkin 2 immediatly no's th@ u r contradicting them or being sarcastic

lol yeah. but, Sheppard carries a Lemon in his vest to... 'persuade' rodney if need be.

Stargate Atlantis- McKay is my favorite character ;

funny stargate | FUNNY STARGATE ATLANTIC by TalonWolfen on deviantART

funny stargate lines He said great things in and Atlantis

Samantha Carter~Bahahaha

alexreineke: “ Just Stargate things.

Stargate Atlantis-John and Rodney

Stargate Atlantis-Dr McKay and Major/Col Shepherd

Ah yes stargate is awesome!

Doctor Daniel Jackson of Stargate