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Joe Strummer and Robert Deniro

Robert De Niro and Joe Strummer of The Clash wait for Bill Piekarz to finish his scene in Taxi Driver.

Everything you need

Welcome to the official site of Kopf Percussion: Cajons, Acoustic Stompboxes, and other fine percussion instruments.

Bad Religion

Bad Religion- my favorite group of humans, especially Greg Graffin.

Social Distortion.  Seen them too many times to count.  The first was at KUKQ fest in Chandler, Arizona circa 1990.  ALWAYS a great show!!!

I write songs for myself, and I hope that other people will like them too. – Mike Ness If you’ve been a fan of Social Distortion for any time at all, you know that Mike Ness is into authentic.

GRETSCH Kristen Easthope Pinup | Hand-painted pinup girls from the talented palette of noted “Queenpin” artist Kirsten Easthope cavort all over this sultry black Gretsch 6120. Other features include a hand-painted purring-and-alluring leopard-skin motif on the sides and all the way up the neck and even on the back of the headstock, and a matching Fender Pro Junior amp.

Gretsch Custom Shop is where the time-honored legacy reaches its creative apex. No instruments epitomize the extraordinary expertise and attention to detail of Gretsch’s most trusted hands like Custom Shop instruments.