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How to Choose an Infill for Your 3D Prints and More! -

The honeycomb shape is the most efficient infill and fastest to print, the go-to infill for most printed things.


main body is in four parts, glued together. parts will need to be scaled up and aligned to the print bed surface. the main screw, handle and caps requ

Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide | Simplify3D

Blobs and defects appearing on the surface of your print? Here's how to improve your print quality.

Soap holder #3Dprint #3Dprinting [more pics on Cults website]

Soap holder printed with PLA, two pieces detachable and washable. You can realize the plate directly by the .stl with hexagonal pattern or by playing with infill pattern and create your own!

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Make Your Own Printer Filament with the ExtrusionBot.The benefits of printing manufacturing are many ways like as Create new structures and shapes for new product ,use new mixtures of materials for create unique and wonderful design, save time valua