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Skyrim logic hahaha so true

ambiguous_gender anthro armor awkwardzombie brown_fur brown_hair comic day eating english_text feline flower fur hair humor katie_tiedrich khajiit mammal markings onomatopoeia outside plain_background…

[UNDERTALE SPOILERS] it'll be okay by zarla.deviantart.com on @deviantart   AU where Papyrus is the last man standing.

[UNDERTALE SPOILERS] it'll be okay by zarla on DeviantArt<<assuming this is an alternate timeline where sans dies before Papyrus, anyway it's heartbreaking

Grillby takes off his glasses for a flustered sans who goes into negative HP

Getting to know Grillby. My Grillby has big old eyes when I draw him, but this is equally adorable.>> I ship Sans and Grillby. Platonically, though.