Ondřej Gec

Ondřej Gec

When I see me in your eyes I just want to go blind When I build coffin worlds with words I just want a place to hide When old guests meet new regrets My da
Ondřej Gec
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Pygmy Owl | video of this Owl is located here: Northern Pygmy Owl Video

Northern Pygmy Owl by kootenay_nature_photos - Animals Are Beautiful Photo Contest

Baby Orangutan by toonman blchin | Orangutans have been known to watch villagers use boats to cross the local waterways and then untie a boat and ride it across the river on their own.

Baby Orangutan ~ such a kind innocent face. These beautiful animals, need our help, to stop them from becoming extinct. Stop using Palm Oil. Start checking your purchases, you won't believe how many items have Palm Oil, in them.


Last thing ya'll be seeing if you mess with my family or the USA, tRump Chump !