3D Paper Apples Plus

Paper Apples-These would be so fun t make while teaching about Johnny Appleseed, collective nouns, and life cycle of an apple tree. Add a writing element and you're set! Perfect for a September bulletin board.

Adorable origami mushrooms! with instructions

FREE printable Origami Pattern for mushrooms / Origami DIY, Origami Crafts for Kids, Tutorial, Craft


DIY paper leaves tutorial , paper flowers paper in half draw diagonal cut along diagonal.use 2 loose triangles to twist into vine open symmetrical triangle and fold leave if folded, twist paper vine or pipecleaner into middle open and tape

DIY Easy Paper Leaves Tutorial | Hungry Heart

Ava Busa- This is good because it sows us how to make fake leaves and in the forest their will be leaves on the ground and in the trees so this is an easy way to make them.

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手形足形アート | 〜転妻の育児奮闘記〜

手形足形アート | 〜転妻の育児奮闘記〜