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Look at the dot and wait for it. Click the link...... or right click and open image in new tab for gif.

10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind (PHOTOS)- this one (black and white) is the best! I tried it once without looking at the dot because I thought that they just showed the colorful picture then changed it to black and white but they didn't!

Super strong cheerleading show!

Super strong cheerleading show!<< EXCUSE YOU BUT THAT IS THE MARCHING BAND! I'm a cheerleader and there's no way we could be that precise, plus there's NOT that many cheerleaders on a squad<< it looks cool at least

Caída en la playa y en un tobogan

He was slid down a steep ramp into his grave, ! after dying in this unusual way ( his family weren't too happy the FUNeral director was less than GRAVEly serious ! ) but rather than complain to the funeral director ombudsman, they LET IT SLIDE ☑️

Graphic, cartoon-style bouncing jello is almost as good as the real thing.

David Skazaly is a Hungarian/German graphic designer who has been creating hypnotic, mind-warping GIFs since Working under the name Davidope, Skazaly’s psychedelic GIFs and warped images have set the standard for animated GIFs across the internet.