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an outdoor movie is set up in the grass with lights strung over it and pillows on the ground
Al Fresco Lighting For Summer Garden Nights - Fairy Lights & Fun
Movie night! (going to try to make a light weight projector screen with wood frame and stretched canvas)
two people sitting on top of green bushes
Original DIY Sod Sofas
Genius. Absolute genius.
a gazebo with white drapes and pillows on the ground near some trees in the background
a black and white striped couch sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a wall
30 DIY Ideas How To Make Your Backyard Wonderful This Summer
there's a swing on the edge of a cliff equadort it has no safety measures and is called the swing at the end of the world
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a porch with blue chairs and a hammock hanging from the ceiling
Glass enclosed #porch with blue #hammock #daybed and colorful bolster pillows next to coordinating blue #patio furniture. Beyond cute #sunroom #design!
Backyard chalkboard--less mess and the rain washes it away!
Art + Outdoors = Artdoorsy
Backyard chalkboard--less mess and the rain washes it away!
two wooden benches sitting in the middle of a forest
15 DIY Wood Log Ideas for your Garden Decor - 1001 Gardens
rad d.i.y. inspiration, especially like that the stumps do double duty serving as end tables as well ... Modern-rustic, sculptural 'Tree stump Bench'...
a white statue with flowers in it's hair
Gazania rigens
Head planter at it's best
a close up of a street sign on the side of a road with different colors
Filling the cracks
an outdoor seating area surrounded by greenery
Hummingbird006: Fotos
backyard hideaway. perfect for reading
a garden filled with lots of flowers next to a wooden fence covered in white and purple flowers
Garden Ideas, Design and Inspiration | Ideal Home
Pretty garden
an outdoor patio with flowers on the table
Fritz & Gignoux | Landscape Architects