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Insert a study. If you desperately need a home study area, then utilizing the understairs zone may work better for you than sacrificing a corner of the bedroom or dining room. Remember to think about functional things, such as lighting, as the area under the stairs can be pretty gloomy. Here, strategically placed spotlights ensure that the owner won’t be working in the dark. Modern Home Office by Custom Desk

Inventive Ways to Build Storage Into Your Staircase // Consider these 12 ideas for building in cabinets, shelves and more to better utilize your stairway space

Cozy reading nook with wood plank wall.

Good idea for the spare room methinks Looking for a DIY home makeover project that packs a huge punch? Turn a boring and empty alcove into a cozy reading nook with a wood plank wall.

Small Kitchen - Third Place Name: Robert M Dobbs, CKD, CBD Photo: Laura Moss Photography

Neutral kitchen cabinets in solid and woodgrain shades of greige. "Robert M Dobbs, CKD, CBD Photo: Laura Moss Photography"