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ODIVI SS14 - DUBIK lookbook

I had been thinking about everything for a very long time than I drew the perfect name. DUBIK means both the end and the beginning for me. Infinity as well as a clear objective. Secrets and complete candor. Maximalism in minimalism. And love. Design&styling: Iva Burkertová, photo: Jan Grombiřík. Model: Kamila Oles (PH model), makeup&hair: Kačenka Lorencova, graphic design: Jan Kloss.
13 Piny112 fanoušků ODIVI simple white coat SS14

3 ODIVI circle dress white SS14

2 ODIVI bamboo'n'hemp sleeves SS14

2 ODIVI simple dress SS14

2 ODIVI round sweatshirt SS14

1 ODIVI hairy top SS14

1 ODIVI round dress SS14

1 ODIVI solid dress SS14

1 ODIVI circle dress nude SS14

1 ODIVI solid skirt SS14