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#Third eye yep isn't interesting what fluoride in the water supply does to the…

Interesting, that I wouldn't be surprised if that is what the Eye of Horus was symbolizing. Because, of course the Egyptians knew about the brain. if you look at the medical papyrus, they had an EXTENSIVE knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Your pineal gland is here

Your pineal gland is here. The pineal gland consist of nerve cells similar to those in the retina nerve if the eye. The retina nerve is inside the eyeball and receives light stimulation which it transmits to the brain.

sacred geometry - First few stages of embryonic cell division correspond to…

Biology organizes itself in alignment with the geometric structure it inhabits, as each of the 100 trillion atoms that make up each of the 100 trillion cells in our bodies are themselves made of SPACE.

Walter Russell's Periodic Table of Elements Get more Russell at…

Diagram Showing the Ten Octaves of Integrating Light, One Octave Within The Other. These Ten Octaves Constitute One Complete Cycle of the Transfer of the Universal Constant of Energy Into, And Through, All of Its Dimensions in Sequence

sri yantra , the sound OM

"Science proving Rishi's Right. A comparison of the similarities between the Sri Yantra Mandala and a Tonoscope picture of the sound OM. The Sri Yantra mandala is thousands of years old.

Sound carries and caresses consciousness - Synaptic Stimuli

Picture of Tortoise beside Cymatic Sound Patterns. The Tortoise, so often seen as supporting the World in Creation Myths, has a striking similarity to Cymatic Sound Pattern within its Shell. It was a Tortoise Shell that was used to Create the Ancient.

I love the ancient feast days of the pagan calendar. Celebrating the turn…

This is the pagan "wheel of the year", which marks their festivals. This is the calendar that wiccans celebrate. Notice any similarities with the catholic calendar?

Wheel of the Year - pagan perspective

Wiccan By Nature Hey Guys, I found a neat wheel of the year picture to go in your Book of Shadows or just to have hanging out to allow you to keep up with the year as it changes. Wild Blessings )O( ***Khalessi Nikki***