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two pictures of the same spider in different stages of development
ravine trapdoor spider cyclocosmia truncata
ravine trapdoor spider cyclocosmia truncata - Pesquisa Google
small blue flowers are growing on the bark of a tree
Green Elf Cup Fungi - Chlorociboria aeruginascens The ascomycete commonly referred to as Green Elf Cup Fungi, Chlorociboria aeruginascens (Helotiales - Heliotaceae), develops fruiting bodies on fallen branches of deciduous trees (especially oak),...
an animal tree with different types of animals and their names in spanish on the bottom right hand corner
Scientific Illustration
A beautiful tree of life designed by The Open University"We should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use i...
many different colored bugs on a white surface
The Beatles part 2
Beetle collection in the Karlsruhe museum of natural historyzou zo van keramiek kunnen zijn
a green beetle sitting on top of a tree branch
off attic insulation, white yellow jewish metal, backwards license plates that don't make sense, white yellow plastic, white yellow spreckles, little boats, little balls, little white snarling dogs, the person who keeps trying to confuse me, and does the exact opposite, please stop following me around, and invading my privacy. I think that I should be compensated for the nuisance, and the four years of my life spent in severe pain without receiving real medical help [53 RED JUNE BUGS ON
an insect with long antennae and horns on it's back
М.Э. Смирнов - фотографии экзотических пластинчатоусых (Scarabaeidae)
Dicronocephalus wallichi Hope. Beautiful! Thanks @Elsi elizabeth mason !
an illustrated poster showing different types of boats
Creativity Is My Business: A Financial Organizer for Freelance Artists, Musicians, Photographers, Writers & Other Talented Individuals
Writing Fantasy ... Infographic Showing Mythical Creatures of the World. #writingfantasy #writingbiz It would be great if I could find someone willing to dress up and help me photograph some of these creatures in human shape.