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Except for all the other times when I just didn't answer because I didn't feel like it...

Sorry I didn't respond to your message. I answered in my head and thought it was in real life.

"Quickest way to my heart is texting full sentences and using proper grammar and spelling. I'm not joking. "

Someone from Worcester, Massachusetts, US posted a whisper in the group BBW Girls And Guys That Love Them 😍, which reads "Quickest way to my heart is texting full sentences and using proper grammar and spelling. I'm not joking.

The download pack is also equipped with sweet bonus goodies.

The beautiful Butterscotch font by Nicky Laatz, a hand lettered script typeface with oodles of extras. Nicky Laatz, a South Africa based graphic and type d

Don't Click Me: Creative Handwritten Script Font Alphabet

The Fontastic Bundle: 27 Fantastic Fonts

This week has been the longest week it seems. I can’t believe that Summer vacation is almost over, T goes back to school in just a week. We’ve still have to buy his uniform and get everything else. We put...

Luna free font by Amanda Leeson


Disney Quote Stairs 27 Geeky Interior Designs You'll Want To Re-Create

Kitchen. From the Japanese Magazine Casa Brutus

Captivating Wabi-sabi inspiration from the Japanese Magazine Casa Brutus. Read more about beauty of imperfection and the Japanese aesthet.

Love the use of new and old WABI SABI Scandinavia - Design, Art and DIY.: Rustic and refined in lakefront Barn livingSo

Outlined with reclaimed wood, this modern barn conversion sits on the waterfront of a Masachussetts lake and provides a tranquil getaway from the urban bustle. The stunning contrast of the white walls and wooden frame, including the antique oak staircase,

WABI SABI - simple, organic living from a Scandinavian Perspective.: Windows as borders

William O’Brien Jr designed this cabin project based on an extruded A-frame. The Allendale House is located in the Mountain West area of the US.

Of course these windows are only practical in Scandanavia where this picture is taken. Tape "carpet" is great!

Floor to ceiling windows let way to lots and lots of natural light. We love natural light. California home & design floor to ceiling light