Pretty much.

Some eCards: I hope I never go to jail because I haven't memorized a phone number since 2001

Pretty much

"Sometimes I amaze myself - other times I can't remember which day it is." This is SO me!

true lmao

Every time I say life can't get more fucked up than this life replies challenge accepted.

My life summed up lol. 22 hardworking woman with big goals. Like to have fun but don't drink much or often. 9 pm tho and I'm done

Hahaha. So true.

About those cute parenting pictures...

Funny pictures about About those cute parenting pictures. Oh, and cool pics about About those cute parenting pictures. Also, About those cute parenting pictures.

true story

Every time I get a sore throat

I don't always get a sore throat, but when I do, I swallow every five seconds to see if it still hurts. So true.

The only thing I hate more...

When your house is dirty, call us to clean it and you will never have to hate cleaning your house again!